Please fill out and submit the form attached below to let the Public Utilities Commission know that we need less expensive internet options for our area! Hard copies are available at the Alleghany Post Office and in the box on the front of the Pike City Firehouse.




Air Ambulance Coverage for Pliocene Ridge CSD

  • For all life-threatening emergencies, (weather permitting) the fire department will request an air ambulance (helicopter). 
  • Most air ambulance services offer memberships which will greatly reduce (and often eliminate) an othewise expensive bill. Group memberships are less expensive than non-group memberships.
  • Residents of Pliocene Ridge CSD are encouraged to join both Enloe Careflight and Airmed.
  • Membership in Enloe and Airmed will cover all helicopters that respond to our area.
  • The Enloe group name for Alleghany and Forest City residents is Alleghany Care Flight
  • The Enloe group name for Pike residents is Pike City Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • The Airmed group name for the entire Pliocene Ridge area is Pliocene Ridge CSD
  • Applications are available in the boxes at the Alleghany Post Office and Pike City Firehouse and are linked below.
enloe application.pdfairmed app blank 2017.pdf