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Welcome to the Firewise information page for Pike and Alleghany. Pike gained firewise recognition on 3/31/2021.  Alleghany gained recognition on 4/21/2021. We would like to thank the Nevada County firesafe council for assisting with both applications.

The application process includes the preparation of a map, a risk assessment and a three-year action plan. The risk assessment informs the action plan. Both communities' three-year action plan places a high priority on escape routes and the hardening of homes.

The end goal of the action plan is to have a contiguous reduced fuels landscape within the firewise community boundary with clearly defined, well-maintained escape routes and well-informed community members who are familiar with the evacuation plan. Another goal is for at least 75% of the homes to meet the definition of "hardenned". This is a long-term goal that will require constant upkeep.

Insurance companies take notice of firewise communities.  This can decrease insurance premiums or make it easier to get fire insurance. The program also gives communities a “leg up” on applying for vegetation removal grants for individual homes and large landowners.

This effort is just getting its "feet on the ground" so to speak.  Your patience is appreciated and suggestions are welcome.

It is easy to participate!

Examples of qualified work  linked below 

FirewiseTimeExpenseInvestmentExamples (1).pdf

Write down anything that you do using either the form linked below, or you can report on the facebook page for your community (let's get some friendly competition going). You can even jot it down on a piece of paper and turn it in. Search FB and request an invite if you are are a FB user.

The information that is recorded in the firewise portal to maintain certification includes hours invested, volume of material removed (example how many pick-up loads) including its disposition (for example chipped or burned) and any monetary investments, such as the purchase of a rake!

Firewise Volunteer Hourly Work Sheet_FINAL (1).pdf

Hard copies of both documents above are available in the plastic box attached to the front of the Pike Firehouse or the box under the bulletin board at the Alleghany post office.

The form doesn't have a place to record the volume of material which is annoying.  Please write that down along with the final disposition of the material. We will develop our own form as time permits.

Events will be posted here and on the sandwich board at the Pike Firehouse and in Alleghany for Alleghany events. The facebook pages will also be used to post events. 


Alleghany (20+) Alleghany FireWise Community | Facebook

Pike (20+) Pike City FireWise Community | Facebook

Other opportunties to participate: Defensible space advisors are needed (training provided). Firewise committee members are also needed.

Current committee members Pike: Ginny Berry, Christina Dorn and Rae Bell (as fire district rep) For Alleghany: Rae Bell and Ned Cusato.

Contact: or call 288-0624 and leave a message