About the District

Pliocene Ridge CSD covers an area of approximately 130 square miles located in the southwest corner of Sierra County. Pike City sits at the west end of the district ​​and Alleghany and Forest City are  near the center. The western boarder of the district is on the Sierra County-Yuba County line. The southern boarder of the district is on the Sierra County-Nevada County line.



  • The formation of the district was initiated in 2003 by a petition signed by two-thirds of the registered voters within the district.
  • The resolution to form Pliocene Ridge CSD was passed by the Sierra County Board of Supervisors and approved by LAFCO in Feburary of 2004.  The district officially began operations on January 1, 2005.
  • The district was formed to secure tax-based funding for local fire protection services.
  •   The district serves primarily as a “Fire District” for Alleghany, Forest City and Pike City. It also acts as a "Streetlight District" for Alleghany and Forest City.
  •   Both the Alleghany Volunteer Fire Dept. (AVFD) and Pike City Volunteer Fire Dept. (PCVFD) chose to keep their respective names with the formation of the district but operate under the auspices of PRCSD. 
  •   Pliocene Ridge CSD is responsible for all opertional and administrative duties associated with running both Fire Departments.  Annual budget: approx. $35,000.
  • Both previously existing non-profit entities: AVFD and PCVFD now function as fundraising auxiliaries for their respective community's fire services.
  • Donations to any of these entities (AVFD, PCVFD or PRCSD) are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Mailing addresses are listed on the contact page.  Please consider making a donation today!