Financial Information

The district operates on a fiscal-year that begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th.

The month-to-month financial info (cash based) is included in the ​"​meeting" documents (click on the date that you wish to see). 

All financial record keeping is done in compliance with  Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. For the purpose of decision making the district takes a "managerial" approach to accounting. The independant auditors  convert the financial data to Government Accounting Standards (see audit reports).

PRCSD BUDGET FY 18-19Budget Amendment FY 17-18.pdfPRCSD BUDGET FY 17-18.pdfPRCSD Preliminary budget FY 17-18.pdfFY 16-17 FUND SHEET.pdfPRCSD BUDGET FY 16-17.pdfPRCSD PRELIM BUDGET FY 16-17.pdfPRCSD BUDGET WITH FUND SHEET FY 15-16.pdf