Financial Reports

The agenda packets and meeting minutes include the month-to-month accounting information.  They can be viewed by going to ​"​meetings" and clicking on the date that you wish to see.  Send an email to (redacted) to be added to the agenda packet email list.

Budget Worksheet FY 17-18.pdfFinal Budget Worksheet FY 17-18.pdfPRCSD Preliminary budget FY 17-18.pdfPRCSD Audit Report 06.30.17.pdfFY 16-17 FUND SHEET.pdfPRCSD BUDGET FY 16-17.pdfPRCSD PRELIM BUDGET FY 16-17.pdfPRCSD Audit Report FY 15-16.pdfPRCSD AUDIT FINAL 06.30.15.pdfPRCSD BUDGET WITH FUND SHEET FY 15-16.pdf